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The Vikings of Bjornstad
California, USA

The Vikings of Bjornstad is a living history and educational group, concentrating on the Viking age - from 793 through 1066 AD. We strive for an authentic presentation of the culture, weapons and crafts from a thousand years ago, including Viking, Norman and Anglo-Saxon re-enactment. Bjornstad has been filmed twice for History Channel productions and has provided extras, weaponry, clothing and props for several independent film projects. Our members provided authentic weapon sound effects for How to Train Your Dragon and historic authenticity consulting for Hammer of the Gods, a British Viking movie. Bjornstad’s members work with educational and Scandinavian heritage groups to provide a balanced view of one of history’s most fascinating periods and cultures.

Bjornstad joins NASA Ames Research for a publicity campaign







The Viking Art of War


"Is it heavy?"





Treasure hoard and trade goods

Talking to school children about the Vikings




No, they didn't

 Practicing Viking skills


Recommending Viking movies for Norwegian Public Television

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