:: Viking Museum Photos ::

Museums around the world display archaeological artifacts that Viking re-enactors could learn from - if they could only see them in person or find the right photos. Bjornstad's members spend a lot of time in museums, and we take photos we can use. We haven't gotten to every museum we'd like to, but other contributors also add to the collection.

This collection of photographs provides images taken with Viking re-enactment - or just historical research - in mind.  Most of these photos you'll find NOWHERE else.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Cincinnati Museum

Field Museum - Chicago

National Museum - Iceland

Viking Museum - Haithabu

National Museum - Copenhagen

Historic Museum - Stockholm

Viking Ship Museum - Oslo - Ships

Viking Ship Museum - Oslo - Artifacts

Historic Museum - Oslo

Viking Ship Museum - Roskilde

Graz Armory - Austria

Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway (© Jack Garrett)

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