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"The Vikings of Bjornstad" is a living history and educational group, concentrating on the Viking era - the 9th, 10th and 11th centuries AD.  We strive for authentic Viking Age clothing, crafts and gear, and we base that authenticity on the best research available. We are centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, but have members throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. We've set up Viking encampments at the Scottish Games in Pleasanton, California, the Calaveras County Celtic Faire in Angels Camp, California, the Celtic Nations Festival in Vacaville, California, the Ardenwood Celtic Festival in Fremont, California, the Highland Games in Livermore, California and the Old Fort MacArthur Days Military Re-enactment Show in Los Angeles.  And we're available for film work...

Filming for "The Conquerors" We were filmed with the Director of NASA Ames Research for their 2013 publicity campaign for small satellite exploration. 

We provided actors and props in 2011 for The Frost Giant's Daughter, a Conan the Barbarian independent fan film.

In December 2005, we provided actors and props for an Academy of Arts University student film, The Epic of Wayhelm. The shoot took place in the San Francisco east bay.

In January 2005 we filmed the host segments for "William the Conqueror", an episode of The Conquerors (Greystone Productions), with actor and military advisor Dale Dye for the History Channel.

 In July 2004 we were asked to participate in filming "The Battle of Hastings" (fought in 1066), for an episode of Command Decisions (Michael Hoff Productions), also for the History Channel.  We did all the re-enactor work on the show.

We are available for choreographed or unscripted combat using the weapons associated with the Viking Age: spear, shield, sword, axe (one-handed and two-handed), bow and sling.  We can also provide a limited number of mounted combatants.

Photos of our combat work for the History Channel are at Command Decisions
and The Conquerors.

We maintain contact with a wide variety of other similarly-minded groups and can coordinate re-enacting other periods as needed.
Ardenwood, 2004 Since The Vikings of Bjornstad is focused on education, we can provide all the material associated with a temporary Viking or Anglo-Saxon encampment, including tents, cookware, tables, chests, benches, stools, textiles, jewelry, coinage and more.  More photos of our encampments and gear are at Bjornstad Photos and Arts & Crafts.


While taking part in Movie, TV and other filming and taping sessions is gratifying and exciting, it is also Work! - and frequently, Exhausting Work! Each of our members will bring to the shooting location knowledge and practical experience in re-enacting the Viking Age, which is not likely to be obtained with "extras" from Central Casting. In addition, each re-enactor will have attire and equipment typically valued at $1000 and sometimes far more. This level of equipment value and historical accuracy will not be available from your costume provider, and if it were, would fetch rental charges far in excess of our participation fees.

In recognition of the above, the following Policy and Fees will apply for Bjornstad's participation in Filming and Taping Sessions:

  • $250.00 per person for the first day on the set, regardless of length of time engaged.  This excludes any negotiated travel or lodging costs.
  • $15.00 per hour, per person, from the time of cast call to time of release for subsequent contiguous days of shooting.
  • $50.00 rental and usage fee for each "extra" provided by the producer who is attired or outfitted with armor, helmet, weapons or other equipment supplied by Bjornstad.  This could be more, based on the amount and type of gear requested.
  • $100.00 rental fee for use of ancillary equipment, weapons, camp gear, textiles, tools, maps and personal clothing/jewelry. Viking or Anglo-Saxon tents, if available - $100.00 additional for each one.  These rental fees would cover three contiguous days of shooting.
  • Overnight lodging to be provided by the producer between contiguous days of shooting.
  • Overnight lodging (or a compensating fee increase) is also requested for either of the following situations:
    • Early Cast Call prior to 9AM and the re-enactor has 3 hours or more of travel time from his or her home to the shooting location.
    • Late Cast Release after 7PM and the re-enactor has 4 hours or more of travel time from the shooting location to his or her home.
  • Special props (banners, maps, clothing and more) can be created by our members.  Prices are subject to negotiation.
  • We reserve the right to refuse activity that could result in injury to a re-enactor or damage to his/her equipment beyond normal wear and tear.

We understand the time and financial pressures on filmmakers.  We are dedicated to working with you so that everyone wins.

Thanks to Legion XXIV Media Atlanta for ideas and wording used on this page.

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